Re Re Bridgades: My Nickel

When you peep the actuality of those who use tech and online to try to harass and torment others myself included — what a bunch of pathetic troll Re Re’s dead a$$. Wow, these are the beings who had a whole lot to do and yap off about me when if I were them I wouldn’t be doing or saying nothing to no one. 😄 Bunch of losers honestly. No matter they’re all under investigation and will be for a long time based on harassing federal level content I received probably hundreds of AND the fact at least one of them sent emails pretending to be officers of the court (police) which I have, reported, went over their head and contacted the city manager months ago as to why that issue was not apprehended for it among a slew of other illegal things pertaining to it. Thus investigations have been opened on both local and federal levels as aforesaid for months now. They’re honestly just waiting for them to f up even more towards me but essentially they’re done. Honestly I think all the accounts are ran by the same individual or a couple of individuals because all their photos from what I could gauge based on what all I received look alike, talk alike, and several look fake with just photos slapped on. Idiotas need to know their place in life, live in reality, and come correct next time not act like morons all over the internet, harassing people, grow up, and being ignorant. I hope they all are put somewhere or end up in prison thank God get them off the street away from people… and online away from people who have nothing to do with them. I had to put it exactly the way it is. Another one of those yapping dogs says or comes at me from that re re lot will go too I have 0 sympathy or anything else for them, law is NOT on their side neither is anyone else because they’re the ones in the wrong provably so. They’re done. If they thought I was going to let them walk on it they were dead wrong. They need to be locked away from the public obviously in some form. Bothering people who don’t have time for them living in their stories that aren’t actual. SMDH. I’m sure they’ve probably done the same thing to umpteen other people as types like that have a tendency to do. Now they need to Get out of my life, business, space, cease trying to interfere on people myself included, and everything else. Get some psychological help dead a$$, realize life isn’t a book, film, or anything else stop vicariously living through those mediums seemingly, and cease harassing/lurking all over people with real careers and lives. The only unwell or anything else in the equation are those issues obviously that look like one flew over the cookoos nest the complaining, whining like 5 year old’s, crap hygiene, Marty Feldman looking putas, constantly need attention/saving impish beings they are. Piss off re re trolls seriously don’t ever bother me again I’m letting law deal with you losers.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom


Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince