Remembering Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

May 5th was the commemoration of the epidemic of Missing Murdered Indigenous Girls and Women. To give what few statistics even exist aside from the aforesaid fact we are 10 times higher than the national average to encounter violence committed towards us out of nearly 2,000 reported cases of violence against Indigenous Girls or Women in America, only 161 were investigated and even less were prosecuted if at all. That’s a huge problem because there are not that many of us left in addition to our numbers due to violence has slowly been dwindling. If you visit any reservation or reserve in both America or Canada if you were to ask how often do these crimes occur the frequent answer is “Weekly” or “Every several days.” Be we off the reservations or on collectively we only stand at around 2 % of the American population. Our only allies within legalities is of course Indigenous law officers, several Indigenous Senators, Political Allies, and the United Nations. All of which have been placing pressure on both America and Canada to take the plights against us more seriously. As with any violence against Girls or Women we can’t just engage the Women we have to engage the Men too. This is why I reposted a photo of an Indigenous gentleman holding up a sign “I remember her” because until we can get the Men involved entirely we won’t have total change or protection in our communities or towards us as a whole.

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