Rice Was Trash and This is Why

Ann Rice was a garbage being and this is why…

She harassed and doxed Teenage Fan Fiction Writers.. knowing they were kids

She sent her most rabid fan-atics at anyone and everyone that left any review less than 5 stars practically… by doxing them

She claimed she “Invented True Vampires”

She claimed she owned half of New Orleans

She was the female canine of rip off’s IE Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Lastly let’s think about it her work wasn’t that great, it just wasn’t. As one of her victimized said who not only was a teenager at the time but also a minority — as she put it, it wasn’t about the intellectual property rights or lack thereof in many cases it was her unprofessional-ism and total bully-ism about it that was out of line like most Karen, Becky’s, Kens, and all those types that their behavior suggests they have some kind of neurosis about them. Those types with that mentality have an air, narcissism, and white privileged mentality about them that’s culturally inherited. That’s why people of color often don’t support white people or colonizers for that reason. We support our own for that reason. Seems those types often get a little something or rather in life and somehow think they are masters of the universe all of a sudden. They inheritedly often have that mentality and attitude. Either way you don’t treat people like sh__ especially minority people. You don’t get your ignorant a$$ on social media doxing people, sending rabid beings after people who are usually young people, none of that. It’s pre-teen amateur ignorant behavior. And honestly those who act like that the most are the LEAST memorable in anything when all is said and done, a drop in the ocean, and nor talented at all. That’s why they figure they need to flaunt their back-end around like that to be blunt. Those types are full of themselves but insecure in which the whole thing is funny and ironic because honestly they are the most prone to rip off from others… especially from minorities but that’s a whole other post by itself. It comes down to this no one cares who someone is or isn’t you don’t have special invasive privileges towards people to enact that kind of behavior period. It’s that comprehensible.



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