Sellouts Are Colonizers Too

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” | Aristotle

People like myself don’t run with sellouts. I figure if you can’t stand up for self, your own Brown/Black sisters, or anyone else of your own then you are no Sister or Brother of ours. If you can’t put a colonizer in their place then you aren’t much of any value to your own peoples. My people don’t negotiate with colonizers, their narcissistic demands, etc. A colonizer attacks us we are going to rebuttal, we don’t subdue ourselves to colonizers or predators who have no business on our lands to begin with let alone disrespecting us in any form. Colonizers have done nothing but commit genocide and brutalize our peoples. I hold no esteem towards either or, they can run together and stay away from real ones. A colonizer comes at us they can remain on their own lands with their own beings where they belong. That is evident in what will be seen today in our circles and politics we don’t consort nor negotiate anything with colonizers. Colonizers aren’t honest and have never been anything to us but destroyers of our peoples, desecrate our cultures and lands. Those types can have each other. They’re the same kind inside and where their loyalties lie. Sellouts are part of the reason for the continued brutalities against Brown and Black people. They feed, placate, and allow eurocentric colonizers to control too much. To follow up on that there is a saying I saw today on a Psychology account that read, “People begin to hate you when they can’t control you.” Keep it in mind.



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