1–800- Needs To Feel Special

When you really want to say “Boy, they want you… they want you bad.” 😂

Some will do anything to obtain attention and made to feel some kind of special without merit as to why. Those who beg for attention so much it’s almost sad the lengths and levels they go to to get it. As a female oh you’ll get attention alright, hope those attention seekers know what goes with that attention seeking and begging. Begging for attention only rakes in the wrong attention that ultimately there will be a price to pay for it. They don’t have any sense at all. You’d think with age people would learn to mature out of the class clown level of attention seeking but many never do. It’s based on insecurity, emotional immaturity, personality disorder whatever that’s how they’ve always operated in so called life begging for acknowledgement like a child until they get scraps thrown at them like some creature just so people can get them out of their face mostly because it gets beyond annoying and time consuming after awhile. It’s called “I Need Attention Syndrome” also known as “Center Of Attention Syndrome” to be blunt. You really get the feeling of saying in an equally obnoxious condescending voice “Did you get your attention fix today wasting everyone’s time?” Because it’s typically constant that they have to have attention on them everyday all day 24/7. Everything they do or say is to get attention because they’ve probably always done it. They want to be frankly put head number 1 __ and usually proud to be so when honestly they’re not even a bottom.🤷🏽‍♀️

As for those of us who don’t need that nor want it, secure in ourselves and actually know who we are we don’t play into that foolishness because when one does you’re really playing yourself because people know they can toy with those who obviously have extreme emotional, personality and lack of self identity issues.

Who cares? A healthy person just doesn’t care or want such attention or validation after they’re about 12. Grow up or get some psychological help one or the other no joke about it because it’s a nuisance and annoying to other people who usually don’t wish to be latched onto like that or bothered like that. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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