Taking A Stance

Truth is when a “radical” stance is taken in beliefs be it politically, socially, human rights, anything of the sort you are going to draw those who hate that stance and want to silence it. I’ve said this before but those against sex trafficking etc are probably one of the most widely despised activists especially those who have survived that type of exploitation turned around and did something positive with it for the betterment of human kind. Because as we all know corruption of many systems those who hate our beliefs, stances, work look for everything and anything to bring us down. Like I said last night don’t give it to them. Don’t give those kind any ammunition. Reputable Human Rights individuals are monitored not in a wel meaning way all the time even by corrupt cops who are in on it be they a regular buyer, a pimp themselves on the side, or paid off by a pimp. I’ve seen it occur. I’ve seen a cop car who was out looking for a Girl to buy for sex on the Kiddy Stroll (Also called the track selling minors) literally follow organizational leaders out on the street reaching out to the kids and young people on the street. Any leader in movements will have it happen at least once. As those who survived any type of exploitation, abuse, and textbook true stalking by a perpetrator know how to survive and keep our street smart wits about us. As the late Malcolm X once said during one of his final speeches I believe it was

“Brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. I just can’t believe everyone in here is a friend.” Malcolm X

This was because he was validly being monitored and watched by at that time the umbrella of a corrupt legal system who did not approve of Civil Rights, Black Power movement, Brown Berets, AIM or any movements surrounding the equality of Brown and Black peoples. I was reading an article the other day that even Black Lives Matter protesters are being put on the ,Government Watch List, which is extremely unfortunate that our country hasn’t come far enough that kind of surveillance is still is ongoing against those who stand up for any kind of Human Rights. Any revolution or revolutionary usually is at some point monitored in some form or another by those who are against the efforts being done. You stand for anything in life worth standing for you are going to be hated, hunted, and inherently abhorred to any capacity. It should be a free country but as we know and have seen it really isn’t in many respects and it’s unfortunate but that’s the world we live in. Actually read about the originators of the walkouts and view the 2006 HBO powerful biopic “Walkout” on the Latina community of young people that rose up against the oppressive Los Angeles school systems.

Sal Castro actually passed on about a year or so ago. Respects to his legacy however for the revolution he began with the then youths. They had many wrongs corrected as should have been. 👏🏽



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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom


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