This is actually quite standard for stalkers they will attempt to flip everything they’ve been enacting around. The reasoning behind they make that move is because they want the satisfaction of being in the same room as those they stalk, harass, and menace. They really want to make some sort of contact with those they exhibit that violating behavior towards. Stalker’s like that have a fan-aticism in them for generally toxic negativity. They want to be who they hate and stalk for obviously nefarious reasons. It’s a very odd duality those types of criminals have towards those they have an objectification towards. If they’re a fan-atic and not thoroughly hateful from the beginning they can flip that fake love real quick to resentment and hatred by exhibiting thwarted behavior towards subjects of hate.

Courtesy of- Oshay Duke Jackson

Once people become an actual public figure with money that makes them a target OR even if you’re affiliated with people that are professionally or certainly otherwise you can become a target because chasers like that will practically climb over and step on people to get to the object of means, real celebrity, etc. Everyone is collateral damage of sorts in the mind of those types. I don’t know him or his clique personally but cases like this are not unheard of for stalkers. However in cases like 50 Cent that sounds more like someone attempting to obtain clout whether or not they’re a threat it is probably debatable to some degree but one point was made how did he know where he was? That is always disconcerting when beings clocking you know everything you’re doing, saying, going, speak to, or anything else.

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Courtesy of- Witty Apparatus

Moral of the story is don’t run up on anyone celebrity or not it is stupid. Leave people alone they don’t want to be harassed, clocked, stalked, have you in their business, or anything else of that nature. I’ve had beings seem to believe I was attempting to talk to them through subliminal’s when I obviously had blocked off all communication to the extent of I could re-post an article on some well known world news that I didn’t write or anything else, had nothing to do with them & yet somehow they would concoct it had something to do with them. That is paranoid disorder Beautiful Mind territory no laugh about it, if problems really believe they own/control the world like that without valid reasoning they need psychological help. Don’t be lurking on people like that who have made it obvious they don’t want you harassing or bothering them like that. No one wants to be hassled like that when they’ve blocked those problems etc. I’ve made things apparent on my end anything I say or do is typically coincidence unless obviously something has come at me that is valid/provable. The line is apparent however there are beings that get something in their mindset and that is what they really believe and perceive even when it is not factually based.

As far as celebrities they typically don’t have time to stalk or harass people, that’s usually the work of their fan-atics that have a hair up their back-end and need a life not involving the celebrities they idol worship. Everyone is aware of the Beehive for example and how they have menaced people or any stans for that matter, they are usually the ones to initiate that type of behavior generally speaking. An ex, present, or anyone they’ve had some sort of intimate exchange with. That is common as well.

No means no in any form in those cases period the end. Don’t harass and hassle people like that it’s amoral, illegal, and a violation of human rights period.



Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince