Surviving A Plague

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When the AIDS crisis first began in the early 1980’s it was coldly referred to as “The Gay Plague”, “The Gay Cancer”, “The Gay Flu,” OR as politician Pat Buchanan infamously stated An “Awful Retribution Against Homosexuality.” Aside from this being an extremely inhumane, ignorant viewpoint AND never mind the fact as the 80’s wore on more and more cases of HIV/AIDS were detected thus seemingly “sky rocketed” among Children, Women, Men who were not apart of LGTBQ circles etc. IE Ryan White who passed away at age 18. The HIV AIDS issue especially in this era of COVID can be spoken of for hours but even in 2020 the statistics have shown there still is a great deal of work and awareness to be done towards finding a cure for one, two quality healthcare for the majority of those who are have been infected who which are minority that make up the majority of the patients. In this time of COVID it is concerning how next to no one has mentioned marginalized communities such as those with HIV and or AIDS, Indigenous peoples by and large have been left out of the vast conversation, Roma people have been mentioned some but not a great deal to give a few examples. These circles need to be magnified more in the narrative of COVID otherwise the people it affects most will be left out completely and therefore silenced once again.

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