Surviving R Kelly

Good for them for coming forward and bringing this monster down. He had a choice not to be one regardless of what happened to him. There are many people who have been abused but choose NOT to inflict that onto others. Being complicit in the abuse of children or any vulnerable person is entirely unacceptable and should always be held accountable for it. No excuse ever as one gentlemen said I believe it was Damon Dash “If that were your daughter they’d be dead.” And that’s the attitude Men or anyone should have about it. It’s wrong period doesn’t matter who one thinks they are. I am glad the survivors are receiving justice because there’s too many of us survivors of Me Too who still haven’t received legal justice years later other than God’s justice in some form or another. It delves into the whole background of rape especially toward children of color, Boys of color the number is 1 in 6. For Girls and young Women it’s 1 in 3. It also goes into addiction especially sexual addiction and what that can motivate.

Intimidation of witnesses or survivors in general as mentioned in the docuseries absolutely. That’s almost always a tactic predators use to shut their prey up. I had it for years, a decade actually on repeat but they’re aware I’m not afraid of them and will get in their face in person or close to it to say so. I’ve no fear of anyone not after what people like me have survived. No intimidation will do it. All predators are cowards otherwise they wouldn’t try to shut their prey up or down. They’re not that rough or bad, they’re scared little beings really.

The survivors definitely exemplified World Voice Day.




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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom


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