That Moment

That moment of a problem clique and female I get real bad vibes just looking at them-

I don’t like you, I didn’t like you the moment I laid eyes on you other than you creeped me the hell out you blew as a pseudo performer/wannabe singer, despite how people hype you you’re not talented, everyone is well aware how you got to where you are that won’t last thank God get out of the way hack let the real talent through, and I find it interesting their consistent timing they rear their mug that reminds me of some imps playing some kind of sick game, where their creepy looking manager is from/their ties and by the way I’d tell them to their face they look like a horse, not bright, a typical burn out, and ignorant anyway. Somebody is sending me some stuff repeatedly consistently that I can prove and I tend to think at least one female and 1 ahole male knows something about it. A clique didn’t come at me like that for nothing. I don’t support people like that at all. Not interested in beings like that no wonder some male’s exes hate him and seem like can’t stand the female I roll my eyes at and block any/all ties to because they’re a goof ball easily usable fool apparently. Crap style and taste entirely. I told that clique a long time ago never bother me or bring that trashy element my way. If they’re among those hassling me or have had me hassled as reputation has it according to what came to my knowledge they need to piss off it needs to be said they ain’t no legend and never will be. The day beings like that move out of the spotlight will be a great day for real arts and entertainment. The females I’ve had steadily come at me almost have my sympathy to what they’re upstaged for. That’s why people like myself walked away from that space before ever getting too in-depth to let the jokers have it as I became well aware the era of letting talent have the spotlight has been well over and those beings in it will make your life an uphill battle at every turn when all the whole people they’ve made a problem with can actually do other things like have a real job/real work/real life around decent people because aside from I was sick/tired of witnessing talented hardworking deserving people being passed over by such trashy beings thus given handouts they didn’t really earn nor deserve. I didn’t want to be around that trashy contaminated nastiness of beings like what I speak of. I’m not the sole one to have observed this. Like I said they would not want to be in the same room with me I’d chew them up and spit them out as need be apparently. It’s called brutal honesty not hate. There’s a difference.

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