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3 min readApr 20, 2022

I’ve been listening to the Prince memoir named after his “The Beautiful Ones” song. Certainly an intricate artist, probably one of the most of all time. I’ve written on he is one of my most admired artists ever, always hoped to work with him but life occurs. There will never be another, there will be those who will emulate his artistry. He really did write and perform the the most beautiful music obviously. He never spoke on b__ this, h__ that, rape the b__, slap the h__, suck this, f this, biting, here are my plastic tna this, chain this chain that, green this, weird nonsensically, I’m god/goddess of hell fire none of that not in that full of rage, argumentative, bellicose, hateful spirited with nothing having to do with respect let alone adulation. I have always written on before his work really was about empowerment no exploitation or dumbing down. In a world where everyone and anyone is practically yelling “We are the best, no we are, no we are I’m number one forever! I’m more inspiring no I’m more inspiring” he really was that goes without saying. That industry is and has been disheartening for the true artists and talent in the world. Nothing out is even close to that level.

“What did you think of ‘The Fountain Head?’ I said I didn’t like it that I had no patience for objective-ism nor for Ayn Rand’s present day acolytes with their almost farcical devotion to the free market and unfettered individualism. Prince agreed though he saw how the philosophy could be seductive. I watched the old movie where he gives the speech about burning down the building and it’s blueprints. It was a pivotal moment in Randian philosophy ‘no work is ever done collectively’ a character sneered. Prince was worried too much of Hip Hop was in the thrall of Rand. Dedicated more to cut throat self absorption than a spirit of community. We need a book that speaks to the aristocrats not just the fans. We have to dismantle the Fountain Head brick by brick” The Beautiful One’s Excerpt

Pop is like so too really that whole realm is anymore. It is about self nothing and no one else let alone for the greater good. It has too many of them in the center of everything and it better have them at the center of it or nothing.

“Why would a record label put their weight behind artists that can’t sing when there talent like this(singer performing) out there? That guy we could record a hit single with him in 5 minutes.” Prince: The Beautiful Ones

It would be a riveting concept for a film to be composed based upon his memoir and his former wife’s memoir. That would be great.

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The memoir speaks on Ethnicity, Race, Sexuality, Music, a bit about his past, etc. It definitely is no speculation why it as well as his former wife’s biography were best sellers.

“We got this if we were left alone.” Prince speaking of agency of Brown and Black creators/artists/entrepreneurship etc : The Beautiful Ones.



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