The Craft: Legacy

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Upon at last viewing the film as I’ve wanted to for months I’d like to weigh in on it. For those who have not viewed the film it is nothing like the original keep that in mind as we live in a very dissimilar era than 25 years ago. It is heavily based on the woke-ness culture of the 2020’s as opposed to the mainly white oriented feminism of the 1990’s that carried with it the power struggle that white feminism seems to always possess, Women supporting Women rather than the whole power tripping as was displayed in the original with quotes such as “Super cool to shame other Girls”, and even a commentary on patriarchy at one point when a middle aged Warlock white male refers to males “As Kings and Rulers” over those of the Woman persuasion. What some people have commented about the 2020 ,The Craft, however is they felt it was throwing too much into the story. First the main protagonist ,Lily, made fun of due to an incident with her monthly, then bullying by girls at a party, a transgender individual being bullied, Colorism wanting more Black Friends, LGTBQ, female Sexuality, Patriarchy, etc. It did seem as though the movie progressed along quickly, of course their were homages to the original.

I’ve spoken about I’ve never been one to play into real life witchcraft I’ve also spoken of it never has seemed coincidental to me anyone who has ever come after me were involved in cultic activity, black magic, ill meaning voodoo, something or at least had that vibe about them just something that didn’t sit right even at first glance just all round rancid vibes, but when you’re a faith based person that actually lives it those kinds aren’t going to tolerate nor like it because who we are is an affront to their wickedness just inherently. Kind of akin to the character of, Nancy, in the original thankfully they don’t have power in reality. People need to remember a book or movie is just that nothing more it’s nothing to base reality on. It’s entertainment with moral stories entailed at most if that. I will say in my opinion the original had much more of a creep horror factor to it but that’s just my opinion. The new one didn’t frighten me like the original did as a kid it was more of a tie in to the original in my opinion. It had quite a creative story line.



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