The Equality Of Supporting Brown and Black Business

If it’s one thing about people like myself of Brown and Black peoples especially Indigenous we will not give our money to any business or anyone that takes from our traditions calling it their own let alone does anything but give anything back to our communities or artisans from which our works stem from. This has particularly been the case for Indigenous peoples (IE American, First Nations, etc.) If I want an Indigenous Brown or Black piece of art, design, etc I won’t go to non Indigenous non original sources to get it, it’s more than about equality it’s about economic empowerment to where it’s due. Let’s face it white owned businesses, establishments, governments, and eurocentric ideologies have had more than their fair share of conquering, domineering, and taking to the point of forcing our peoples into perpetual inequality, injustice, and or destitution. Honestly I count taking from us to make a profit as a form of Brown, Black, or Yellow face in cases of Asian arts being ripped by non Asian as well as Black fishing. Anytime they oppress one of us in any way that’s a problem I won’t give anything to. Honestly if they had it their way really all of us would be out of the way and dead so they could continue to feel like number one and people of color beholden to them particularly those of minute numbers. Besides a copy is NEVER as good as the original. In conclusion support Brown and Black businesses especially if they have integrity behind them, we are honestly all we have. We have to support each other not rip each other up, we’ve been battling that enough as is. We don’t need that within our own peoples occurring. In most if not all Indigenous languages there is no word for “I” “Mine” only “We” and “Us.” If we really want equality we have to begin having that mentality because life isn’t about only you.




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