The Last Unicorn

“Mare!? A mare? Is that what you take me for? Is that what you see?” The Last Unicorn

Based on the book by Peter S Beagle.

So the plot goes as follow:

In this 1982 animated musical adaption, the villain King Haggard deems to demolish the world’s unicorns. When a young captivating brave unicorn learns that she’s in danger and that she could soon be the last of her kind, she is compelled to leave the safety of her protected forest and thus finds the help of Schmendrick a standup guy but not much to be said of his sorcery. They embark on a long and dangerous trip to defeat the villain and rescue the unicorns from obliteration.

Personally I could’ve done without the musical part more or less. Okay the theme song worked but to play a dramatic song every other scene, it was just overkill for the story. It was the 80’s I get it everything was melodramatic apparently in that day but still I’m just saying everything didn’t have to be made into a drama fest for God sakes.

“You must never run from anything immortal it attracts their attention.” The Last Unicorn

Kind of like some forms of off the wall types come to think of it. 🤔 The more passive you are towards them the better. Now when it comes to evil chasing you around like the Red Bull then yes run like hell.. or in the story’s case outwit the narrow 1 track minded nefariousness and turn into someone else? Maybe…. sorta kinda in theory. 🤷🏽‍♀️😄

However the allegory is the ultimate solution is to fight back instead of being pushed around or running.

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