The Moral of Hunter Moore Story- Arrogance Is A Downfall

One of the facts of Hunter Moore’s story in any such nefarious type of any gender they couldn’t shut up. He continued to jabber like a baboon in a tree of “Take me on!” Following the FEDS coming to their house, confiscating their devices, etc they couldn’t shut their yap. Those type of village idiots are like that. He kept running it being the troll punk he was and probably still is. Those types are never too bright and think they can continue running their yap, enacting foul, slinking around, and ultimately dragging everyone down that deals with them in any form. Those types can’t gauge that their existences are over doesn’t matter who they “mirror” like a psycho looking being stupid, cry victim to, they’re not a victim those types are the perp. FEDS don’t care. They will be placed in federal custody, they will be charged, and put away from the street. They won’t be laughing and smirking anything then. Anyone that wants to go with those types are always welcome to. They’re done. They’re over. That is the moral of the story being stupid at that level has consequences. To be aware the FEDS are watching you for crimes you enacted on innocent people and continue to in it conveys how entitled and ignorant those sorts of criminals are. I like no sound decent person does I don’t wish those sorts well whatsoever nor anyone who has anything to do with them never will. They need to be in prison no place else not walking around in the public. Nothing brings beings down like arrogance.



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