The Most Disrespected

“The most disrespected person in America is the Black Woman.” Malcolm X

Still so true. Same with Brown Women for that matter.

As we all have seen as to why the communities and peoples I come from say F__ the police and the modern day oppressors of Karen’s, Beckys, and Susan’s their white privileged who call on them because they are them. They’ve never done anything for us Brown and Black people but oppress, dehumanize, kill us, harm us, in some cases rape us, and terrorize us. I’ll never forget a few years ago a friend sent me a video of a young Black Girl locked up in a cell, I believe she was picked up for some petty crime like truancy or something along those lines, she was being raped by a white officer. As we’ve seen hell no we don’t like them and don’t have much if any respect for them, their corrupt institutions, or anything else because they’ve never respected us as people of color. So yeah to this day we say f__ the police their precious Karens, Beckys, Susans and all the rest of them. They are the reason we are where we are today as Brown and Black people still fighting and struggling for basic human dignity and rights. It’s a radical stance still but that’s what it is. We have a right to respect, dignity and dignified treatment and our Men should get behind us and beside us on it. We matter. We deserve protection and to be treated well not continually abused in some way and entirely disrespected or harmed constantly.

As NWA back in the late 1980’s — 1990s bluntly said “F the police.” 🖕🏽🖕🏽



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