The Revolutionary Act of Consent

As stated it’s a pretty simple concept, No means no, “I don’t want to do this” means no, “I’m not into that” means NO, “I’m not like that” means NO, Stop means NO, “Leave me alone” means NO. Being a minor obviously particularly involving an adult already means NO consent or none, unwilling or unable to give full adult consent means NO, being incapacitated translates as NO. Otherwise if that can’t be Understood or cares to then bottom line you’re a rapist period end of discussion. No sugar coating to it any form of NO means NO. Having to use force, fraud, or coercion is no grey area it in and of itself screams NO. Small children now can understand this idea, it’s grown individuals who either don’t care to understand or just admit what they are. When I was a journalist for a youth advocacy media outlet I took part of a whole campaign of what consent consists of. It’s a pretty basic concept any simpleton can grasp.

BBC Media Action BBC Visual and Data Journalism

There’s a show that has begun weekly I’ve spoken of before called “I May Destroy You” in the case of the show the young Woman who was assaulted had her drink spiked at a nightclub by a perpetrator. The show was created by an actress, writer and survivor Michaela Coel. Quite brilliantly done and recommended to watch.



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