The Sad Truth

Of those who live on the internet be they an incel type, a what are known as black hatted hackers, just nuisances, or not who live out their unauthentic lives on social media. In this case the young Man was speaking on the mentality of more often than not Instagram models but really it can fit anyone that has made their entire life social media and internet based.

Like he said if you trip off some bad comment or message that’s clearly all you have in life and everything to those who do. I’ve said this many times the internet is meant to be a tool nothing more, too many feel the need to document every moment of every day and everything said which shows there’s not much if anything in the lives of those that do. It’s sad really because if social media were taken away from them as should be because it’s not healthy for anyone let alone a misuser of it, they’d probably have a total break from reality more than already. Mental health care professionals have said Social Media shouldn’t be utilized more than 2 hours a day besides it takes up too much time and energy. I had posted about this before but there is a former Instagram model who was going into her 20’s at the time that composed a whole essay on how much social media had wasted her teen years thus she ended up closing down all of her social media accounts because she wanted a real life not an Instagram/Social Media pseudo life. Putting your stock into social media is probably the dumbest thing anyone can do because it’s going to go away eventually, Livejournal did, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook has long dropped in popularity, Twitter it’s only a matter of time because it’s been around for 12 years now, Instagram probably at some point then whatever the next thing is. Basically nothing placed on social media is going to matter in 2 minutes, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years so why care? It’s not real life anyway and aside from professional pursuits it’s a waste of life. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Other social media influencers have discovered the same sentiments over the years that social media is a vampire that sucks the real life out of people.

The Guardian



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