The Sleuths Trend

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The whole internet sleuth trend surpasses the realm of irrationality and inanity. I’ve written on Sleuths before, they’re basically wannabe Sherlock Holmes who have no cognitive capacity whatsoever, sit their thoroughly moronic selves online and social media picking at everything of a honed in on individual says, does, goes, deals with, tags, networks with, or anything else attempting to piece together Scooby-Doo level “evidence” that not only doesn’t exist but is in no way credible. I was in a discussion with an individual recently about there is a Tiktok Gentleman who is actually a family Man and is an actual successful Construction reputable Corporation owner that the sleuths jumped online over some off the wall comment some troll posted on his feed thus have proceeded to essentially stalk, harass, and attempting to ruin his life over some conspiracy theory trash. Which oh by the by latest is he is now missing. The Gentleman relayed how he had the cops called on him and harassed to the extent of he is contemplating deleting his tik tok. It says a great deal when grown people can’t post as an outlet or create dance videos in his case for entertainment without some freak piteous sub-human creatures harassing, monitoring, and making others lives their business it isn’t.

Let us be real these sleuths are losers that have a cognitive idiocy impairment that can’t process things as a balanced sound adult does. They watch these true crime shows, accounts, works, and so on thus think they’re in a place to harass, monitor people, and be all up in others lives as much as possible. Losers on a power trip basically. It’s funny sleuths are supposedly so “lawfully” driven meanwhile they violate the law and commit crime onto people all the time. They often pursue after people who are usually the most lawful citizens if not involved in law in some form in numerous cases meanwhile sleuths are violating all kinds of laws in their ignorant pursuit of those they’re convinced are guilty of some crime. This is because in actuality they are ignorant to not only the law but life in general. Sleuths and the like are garbage beings who harass, bully, and stalk people to the point innocent people have committed suicide from being harassed, monitored, and having their lives picked apart by these psycho losers online who are basically a-holes often by their own admissions. They have no respect for others sovereignty and no objective in life than to sit, lay around, and enact that kind of behavior onto innocent decent people with real things to do in life who when you get down to it they don’t know yet have created a whole narrative in their warped gourds about. That is why after all people like myself have been through online and technology for many years (validly provable and reported well into the thousands.) People like myself don’t post anything personal because before you know it some losers obviously not wrapped sleuths will scroll all through your life, loved ones, friends, and reading into everything about those they do so to. It is a pathetic trend. It is not to mention the beings those types insight might enact something. That’s why in some states and countries they have made it a crime to dox people because of what it invokes and honestly that is what doxers seek to do. They want people to harass, stalk, and possibly physically harm someone if the opportunity presented itself. Sleuths don’t take into account the ramifications of what they’re enacting. In short internet sleuths are nothing but harassers, bullies that didn’t grow up, cyber stalkers, and losers at life when you get down to it. They honestly need to get out of everyone else’s space, lives, and everything else to get their own instead of being all over everyone else’s. On the real for those who have worked in the sectors I have sleuths poking around puts us in danger… legitimately not some dramatic-to-make-life-more-exciting-than-is-BS. Social media doesn’t need to be involved in anything like that. It is not their place or business.

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