The Stalking of Indigenous Girls and Women

Keep in mind this is addressing love obsessed but the signs can fit any form of obsession motivated by any number of reasons. My personal experience has never been “Love Obsessed” the sort I’ve personally encountered has mainly been Vengeful sometimes also referred to as Resentful as well as Predatory driven which unfortunately has been classified by law enforcement as the most dangerous types. When someone shows that much hatred and that much of a fixation they are dangerous no doubt about it.

There really isn’t a prototype for stalkers as far as gender. I’ve had similar problems from both a male and females typically having ties to the male who has been court and lawfully documented stalking me for well over a decade.

The numbers for stalking is roughly 1 in 6 Women overall while the number of Men is 1 in 19, however for marginalized Girls/Women such as Indigenous much like with all violence towards us the rate stands at 10 times higher than the national average. This leaves us at a number of 1 in 3. For those who are federally recognized and or reside on tribal lands the legal process is quite the labyrinth due to jurisdictional red tape etc much like with any other violence committed against us thus has historically led to little prosecution rate.

It isn’t unheard of for an Indigenous Woman or Girl to be assaulted followed by resentful stalking and intimidation especially when the survivor seeks any sort of legal retribution. There was a eye opening documentary entitled “Rape On The Reservation” by the now defunct Current TV that touched on this haunting aspect of violence of Girls and Women who have been inflicted by sexual violence.

It is the same model any profession in the spectrum have witnessed and heard of from fellow survivors. It applies whether pertaining to the reservation or to urban areas. The genesis of this unacceptable behavior by perpetrators is generally predators are well aware the law doesn’t apply to them, the data shows the rate of utter impunity when it comes to justice for us.

White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society:



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