The Woman Who Doesn’t Play

That would be me. I had said this several times over the years but this typifies me in a nutshell… I’ve been known to put many in their place very quickly

I take disrespect from anyone including males about 1/2 a second. Honestly some people I couldn’t have been their Mothers because I probably would’ve long horse whipped them for living and acting so ratchet/disrespectful to themselves and others. But like I said don’t bother me with nonsense or allow anyone in a camp to bother me with nonsense and I won’t put you in your place so fast. And no I’m not trying to talk or communicate with anyone before some walrus comes at me which I’m not too sure they haven’t already based on some oddities I had been receiving including a catfish Instagram account using my photos pinned in a place that I also started receiving calls from by way of either a drop phone or app about a week ago. I know how the world I speak of works and how whatever’s are. They’re usually not very bright to start with by choice mostly, mesh that with paranoid about every Woman they lay eyes on whether they don’t know them or do, because they have a reason to be. Let’s face it if you’re messing in a world where the boys in it frankly blow anything with 2 legs and you put yourself in that position to be disrespected you’re going to expand that already ingrained low self esteem and even lower self respect therefore harbor envy of people who aren’t like that. That’s their lifestyle and business however in turn this does not somehow keep the whatever’s from taking it out on those who have nothing to do with anything just because they read into something that’s usually not even there or means anything. It’s happened many times over to me and it’s beyond stupid. I don’t even deal with people like that so when I get drug into some nonsense I’m not even about then I take issue with it and there’s a problem. I don’t care what others do just don’t put me in it.



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