The Young Girls of Rock & Roll

“He wants you now because you’re young and innocent but what’s going to happen when he gets you?”

As retold by the lovely Priscilla Beaulieu aka Priscilla Presley as to her relationship then marriage to the legendary Elvis Presley as adapted from her directly crafted autobiography “Elvis and Me.” She was 14 when she met Elvis Presley then around 24 years of age while her military Father was stationed in Germany simultaneously to Elvis who also was in the service. She wound up visiting him in the States then living with him and the mad world of rock and roll at age 16. The industry of music and entertainment has a well known affinity for young girls going all the way back to the era of “She was just 17 you know what I mean” and of course the groupie era. Many of the legends had young Girls at their disposal to some degree or another Bowie, Page, Jackson met Lisa Marie Presley when she was a small child, and arguably Prince albeit they didn’t fit into the predatory role the likes of R Kelly did. Presley was definitely on the edge according to his former entourage. Mayte Garcia had a book published several years ago entitled “The Most Beautiful” following the passing of the late Prince about their love story which began when she was 16 he was in his 30's however it is worth mentioning they didn’t become intimidate before she was of age.

Part of the psychology of why Men in that world go towards young Girls often 1/2 their age is the fact most entertainers are not mature in their head the second is a young innocent Girl is more prone to control by often domineering powerful Men as where most grown Women will tell them to take a flying leap. They gravitate towards young Girls and or insecure typically young Women in order to feed their own insecurities and ego issues. When you’re that young even within 20's age bracket it’s very easy to fall into that glitter dome, there’s grown Women that fall into it. The surface of it is difficult to resist. Scientists have found no one is a full fledged adult or fully developed mentally until they’re well into their 30's so you can imagine how much a world like that could sweep the young up. It’s very easy when they’re sweet talkers, of means, power, influence, and what that lifestyle brings. As Gia Carangi once said when asked about beginning modeling at age 17 “When you’re young it’s hard to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.” It’s a grand life sure but there’s a price to pay for it, it’s not a happily ever after world that many think it is. The question is raised “Did these Men love these Girls?” The answer is they love them as much as they can love anyone because not only are they self destructive but they don’t really even love themselves. If you loved and valued yourself there wouldn’t be the self destructive behavior.

“You’ve got thousands of fans out there and I’m just one of them.” Priscilla Presley




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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