Traffickers & Buyers: Reality Isn’t The Stereotype

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2 min readJan 30, 2022

Traffickers can be anyone. Are there flamboyant pimps? For certain but they can be anyone of any walk of life.

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This is adjacently true for buyers, they are anyone and everyone just about. It must be said most buyers are white males, often have families, etc. The commercial exploitation industry isn’t what people may be mislead that it is. Just as the identities of traffickers and buyers can vary so can their tactics albeit their means and underlining goals are the same.

A recent documentary on Human Trafficking called “Stopping Traffic”

Courtesy of- Stopping Traffic is graphic detail and imagery but that is the actuality of it.

A documentary I have spoken of before called “Nefarious; Merchant of Souls” is another one that is pretty heavy hitting as well as moving and ought to be because that is the reality of this crime that 150 Billion Dollar Criminal Enterprise of Human Trafficking globally speaking as of 2021 and thus enslaves 46 Million people to this day. That’s doubled in the last decade forget during the COVID pandemic the criminal enterprise has been booming especially on American soil. The tracks and strolls (Street sections where sex trafficking takes place) have been full of mostly youths in major city markets. Let alone online. A decade ago the estimate was 27 Million and estimated to have brought in about 45 Billion annually. That number has skyrocketed. One in home brothel or website is closed down 20 more appear, it’s lucrative and Human Traffickers are indeed making a killing at the crime of buying and selling people young people especially like never before. Buyers, Johns, most pedophiles really have been receiving even more effortless access than ever before. The COVID pandemic has been a Supply and Demand’s companion. This is one reason I had to change the name of my Twitter, Instagram, etc among other reasons because it isn’t 27 million people anymore, the numbers and cases have soared in the criminality of Human Trafficking.

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