As taken from the memoir “The Most Beautiful.” Prince may have been viewed as an eccentric as most artists are eccentric but whatever eccentricity he had, he had a point. I don’t know what it is — well actually I do that nasty beings hate purity so much be it sexual purity, spiritual purity, or just being a quality human being - it seems they want to drag it through metaphoric crap to be blunt about it. It must be the whole control thing some have in them they’ve lived a crap existence so it makes them sick to see those who have not, those who have not abused their body, selves, defiled it in some way by their own choices. Maybe because misery loves company or it could be regret about their poor life decisions that have ultimately led them nowhere except to misery and addiction left to continue to fester like an infection due to the fact they’re an addict and glutton for it. Who is to say for sure why such feel the need to metaphorically defecate on others they feel threatened by instead of dealing with themselves they seem to attempt ruining everything they come in contact with or touch. As an old friend of mine used to say when I was going through a tumultuous time I should’ve never even been put in “Some people see a beautiful flower ok. Healthy people want to smell the flower admire the flower while others like the slime ball you dealt with want to stomp on it and drag it through sh_ because that is who they themselves are.” All based on choice no one made them that way they made themselves like that. He was right on point about it.

To quote a motivational speaker who survived a 4 year ordeal in a Thai prison after being tricked into the narcotics trade by a friend she trusted “My life can never be ruined as long as I have breath in my body and God in my life.” Which is true however she did go on to forewarn in the next quote “But she (in her case that individual) messed it up pretty good so I want nothing to do with them.”

Again misery loves company. Misery is a strange thing it doesn’t only want to destruct itself but also wants to drag everyone else down the rat hole with it.



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