To those who annoy, harass, taunt or textbook stalk others you could say anything it doesn’t matter to them. They have a sense of entitlement, an overly inflated self importance that they think individuals aren’t owed any personal space or respect, OR they have something socially and mentally not right about them. You could say all the “Go f yourselves”, “Leave me alone”, “Go to hell,” “Kiss my @$$”, kick them in the face whatever it doesn’t matter. They’re just the creepy types you find in fan-tical settings that follow people around, when that person gets annoyed rightfully so they’ll just look at them after even being told point blank and yet may just shuffle off with their head down (if that) only to return again later. For people that have been in scene’s like the con scene, con goers especially Girls and Women (but not always exclusively) will have those stalkerish hangers on latch onto someone usually in cosplay (sometimes scantily clad sometimes not) thus just leer at them for however long before the person goes off rightfully so. I’ve said this before this is why celebrities, notable figures, humanitarians have bodyguards or law enforcement present as protection from nuisances that can’t seem to take a hint. Even survivor leadership gatherings have an armed guard present for that reason. You don’t know what people are going to do especially being we’ve come from a place of violence from predatory criminals who have an axe to grind.

Harlan Ellison as only Ellison could put fanatical sets in fairly concise terminology.

Point is nuisances just follow people around and bother them all the time mainly because they have nothing in their lives therefore they latch onto others who do, they’re a hater that if pushed could resort to violence and thus could be potentially harmful — let’s face it if they’re going to all the lengths to follow and get at someone who wants nothing to do with them they’re not the most wrapped. I’ve said this before all attention isn’t positive you have to know the clear difference between support and surveillance.

The late George Carlin had a pretty great idea how to rid the world of such obnoxious citizens that frankly are just taking up space. In the George Carlin way. 😄

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