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I have written prior of the story of the group of youths most well under the age of 30 that took on one of the world’s most lethal regimes in history. These courageous young people were known as the Resistance or in France the Partisans. Many of them were either mid to late high-school youths, College youths, or Youth Adults.

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In this time of Hanukkah it is always uppermost respect to hold remembrance and speak of these fearless youths who for the most part of the Resistance Movement did not survive ultimately. Their activism like most anyone who fought against the regime of Hitler was a suicide mission, and many who became part of it were aware of that. Most of these youths were either killed while fighting or were captured by the Nazi’s thus came to their end the same as everyone else tyrannized by Hitler’s command. Nazi’s like all oppressors abhorred anyone who opposed their oppressive reign. Very few resistance survived in contrast to the numbers throughout Europe who were a part of that movement however what they accomplished to this day is honorable and indeed left a mark on history. So much so an Oscar Award winning miniseries (above) was created in 2001 of their story. It was shown originally on ABC. The resistance made the tyranny of the Nazi’s difficult at every turn and had every right to. They fought back, they blew up train tracks of Nazi cargoes, Nazi planes, killed German Officers in their homes, rescued and smuggled Jewish citizens to freedom under the imminent reality of death. There were many stories, they composed under ground news media and wrote against Nazi rule. In short they really were astounding as youth activists tend to be.

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There have been a few documentaries created about them and a few films but their efforts call for much more coverage than have. Of course there are the true life stories of the enemies of the Reich.

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Who is to say maybe in a few years we will all be reading of the uprising against the Taliban in History books. God bless them.



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