Vanishing World Of The Sea Gypsies


Fascinating documentary about the minority of the Indigenous people known as the Moken belonging to the region of Thailand — numbering as minute as 12,000. It is believed they migrated from China around 4,000 years ago then decided to settle in Thailand. Slowly like many Indigenous people their world is diminishing, be it by pollution, overfishing by outsiders, exploitation, tourism, greed, outside interferences, global warming, illness, disease, etc. One of the aspects that was heavily mentioned is the aspect of tourism. Personally I abhor tourism despise it really when it comes to involving Indigenous people and communities as an Indigenous person I’ve seen all too well what it’s done to us, our peoples, our communities. It’s detrimental to brown and black Indigenous minorities it always has been always will be. What is sacred to the people becomes souvenirs to essentially colonizers with no value nor respect for anything or one. It is most often mired in white privilege and ignorance. It is imperative the Indigenous people who do not wish to have contact or contact is better off without be left alone to live in peace. It’s simple there has never been an “Indigenous problem” anywhere in the world because the solution to the “Problem” is simple — just leave Indigenous people, our lands, homes, and ways alone it isn’t yours stay off of it you have more than enough. When we say Protect The Sacred in the states towards American Indigenous that is included for all Indigenous peoples throughout the world. We are some of the most ancient peoples in the world some groups predating race.. no exaggeration there are tribes of people who existed before human beings began breaking off into separate ethnic groups IE the Aboriginal people of Australia and the San people of South Africa therefore just leave us be. Everything isn’t yours to have, take, or partake in especially from those whose entire existence weighs upon preserving the traditional ways of life as well as lands.

A fascinating look into the lives of the people.

Survival International




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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