“While No One Is Watching”

A provocative documentary on the rampant sexually exploitive images and video of children (Child Pornography), Commercial Sexual Exploitation moreover, Sex Tourism, and the courageous Resilient Survivors they speak with. Furthermore the tenaciously driven work of APLE

Courtesy of- APLE Cambodia

and ECPAT to combat this pervasive common exploitation of children.

Courtesy of- Journey Man Pictures

A great deal of these type of pornographers stem from Europe IE the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Amsterdam, Romania, UK, Australia, Swedish, Russian, etc etc. It’s very common. For Sex Tourism it’s often American and European. They’re usually middle aged or older White Males but of course not limited to that’s just the more prevalent types. Females are often the recruiter, pornographer filming, taking the photos, can be involved in it, or the trafficker themselves.

The children who are victimized are often of Southeast Asian origin but of course not limited to, Eastern European, Russia, Ukraine, America, East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, or anyone really. Same with Brothels also common in Africa especially in areas such as Juba because of business trading from all over the world. When an aid worker questions a minor in a brothel in Juba because she was pregnant didn’t the customers refuse her? Answer was no. The reason for that is because it’s a fetish in the sex trade.

The piece in Cambodia where investigators engage the most vulnerable of the local children such as street Children, Sea Side based Children, etc to be leery of foreigners as it is sex tourist foreigners who sexually exploit them at alarming rates. They express to the children just because the foreigners seem friendly, “nice”, and give them things like clothes, food, etc doesn’t mean they are harmless to them. The devil is “Nice” at first. Predators are almost always seemingly “kind” or “generous” on the surface. That’s how they gain trust. What the local investigators describe to the children these perpetrators are known as “Falangs” in that area of the world. The term Falangs are the usual middle aged well to do male Sex Tourists that prey on children and young people in places such as Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, all of Southeast Asia, and even as far as the Polynesian Islands basically. Even in Hawaii they can be seen from time to time especially in the areas known for sex trafficking/sex tourism. Falangs will often hang out in the Bar Girl, Karaoke Bars, Spa’s, Brothels, etc preying on local kids to sexually exploit for their own perverse gratification. The term is expanded on in 2005’s documentary “Bangkok Girl”

Courtesy of- Director Jordan Clark

The Subject matter is fairly graphic but that is the factual state of these depraved perverse crimes targeting children. In this expose it covers the “Charity” front that many pedophiles gravitate towards covering up the true reason they are in the vicinity.

Courtesy of- Synergenic Films



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