Beings VS Persons

There is a difference between beings and persons. Persons aren’t invasive and Karen/Daren-isc, beings are. Persons have respect and know where they stand. Beings will lurk, harass, and intrude on those they’re honed in on to the fullest extent possible like predators they don’t have a sense of personal space or anything sovereign about anyone. Like any predator this is why no one likes beings, they’re provoking, harassing, annoying and can’t take a hint. Everyone has seen or experienced the Karen/Daren, or predatory etc type instances. Formerly stated someone they are harassing could spit in their face and they wouldn’t grasp it they would continue to harass/trail those who do. As pertaining to any predatory type they’re like a gnat that won’t go away, beings the further the harassed is repulsed by them and ignores them it seems all the further they will harass those who have made it plain they don’t want to interact with them. Brain damaged or something to be blunt that they can’t grasp to leave people who want nothing to do with them alone, if people don’t want anything to do with you they don’t want anything to do with you. It’s that simple. Beings trail people usually people of color/minority like no one else does. They creep people out especially people of color who don’t like them for granted reasoning. It’s the same concept of sectioning off predators from non-predators of society color or gender regardless. It’s trait based. Being harassed and trailed by those types are about like that Daren/Karen on the beach that continually badgered those Girls on the beach. They don’t grasp the difference between mutual lines of communication and expressed the apparent of unwanted interaction/intrusion instead they force themselves on people in some form or another. It’s that narcopathic mentality, they don’t read the room as Dr.Phil put it. I think those types get off on annoying people, they like being that annoying imp that the harassed people grimace at because they won’t take a hint. Therefore the question rises why do beings deem to be as obviously annoying as they are? One word, attention. If the harassed removes that eventually a harasser takes the hint.

Courtesy- Inc

This thread from Quora put it well “Any attention is good attention.”

Courtesy- Quora

Another put it this way “Some people are so desperate for attention, that anything, even “negative” attention seems better than none at all. Besides, they’re just leading with their core “skill” (lol)!”



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