“Why Did You Kill Me?”

There is a captivating documentary about the murder of a 24-year-old youth that occurred post correspondence over Myspace in 2006. The documentary follows the family of the youth in their pursuit of justice for the cold blooded murder of the young Woman.

Courtesy- Netflix

It speaks on the fine line between Justice and Vengeance. There is a difference. The difference between what is Just and Vengeance is Justice benefits anyone innocent such crime could occur upon as where vengeance is based on minuscule idiocy that innocent people are often subjected to having no resolve. That is the difference. I do believe if there is extreme violation of law or human rights towards a person or persons and yet law has been immobile OR pointing fingers at the innocent parties that were affected by the crime in the first place (hence why many Brown and Black people do not trust law most often) then I do believe there is a recourse that the actual victimized party has to essentially place ourselves at some point in the role of the leg work etc that is actually law’s place to. It speaks immensely that the family had to carry out the work investigators were supposed to be. The murdered Girl’s family had to be the investigators. Especially in those mid 2000’s through 2010’s days that was the era law was extremely lagging behind in it’s pursuit of justice upon it coming to violence against Minority Girls, Women, under-served populations, etc.



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