Yakuza Moon

Yakuza Moon as depicted in the biopic ,Yakuza Lady, a very accurate depiction of how exploiters work. First off let’s talk about mafia or as in Shoko Tendo’s instance more specifically the Yakuza family she was born into — that led into her trafficking circumstance. First of all as one successful individual once said “People always want to make some affinity of the mafia. I grew up in mob neighborhoods, I have no affinity for them. I used to see them come through our neighborhoods and kill people in cold blood just for looking at them the wrong way.” As one former sex trafficker was quoted in the documentary ,Nefarious: Merchant of souls, who worked for the mob of Eastern Europe “They’re stone cold people.” They don’t care about anybody. All they care about is making money that’s it. They’re extremely violent even to their own children as shown in the film’s rendition of the memoir. They’re no different than human traffickers if they aren’t traffickers themselves. Human life is profit, human life doesn’t mean much to them. They are never to be trusted, taken lightly, never accept anything from them because they don’t do or give something for nothing there’s always a catch. They’ll want full pay back with interests for anything you do accept from them. Unlike many pimps however contrary to popular belief mafia real mafia do not go around announcing it and acting goofy because that’s a great way to get oneself either killed or arrested. Those are wannabe’s or at the very least have some friend of a friend they’re beholden to. To quote an old knowledgeable friend you don’t even see those people. Those that act like or even verbally state they’re “gangsters” usually aren’t at least not high up on that totem pole. If they do so they then become a liability to those who are in positions of power. No high end criminal with any cognitive skills goes around revealing what they are and the ones that do don’t last long. They make too much noise. In reality no one is to look at them, talk to them, accept anything from them, or make deals with them because they are dangerous.


Now as for human traffickers. Human traffickers IE exploiters manipulate, they use, they abuse, they hold blackmail over the heads of prey, they won’t let prey go until prey has “Learned their lesson” at the very least if that. Nothing original or new about any of their tactics. That’s how a trafficker operates as written in law - force, fraud, or coercion or all 3 of the above are utilized to ensnare those they prey upon. Now don’t get it twisted understand as written verbatim in the “Players” (aka trafficker’s) handbook “Aint no love in this sh&$ or game.” It’s all about profit, dominance, and control over prey like any psychopath/narcopath goes through so called life. A trigger warning is highly advised for the film FYI. Essentially their prey is a lower life form to such predators and treated as such by predators. That’s the narcissism of predators. Prey are not viewed as human nor treated humanely by predators never forget predators themselves have nothing even remotely close to human or humane in them, they’re worse off than animals by far being they’re depraved monsters typically and quite proud of it.

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Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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